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​K-Drone A1 is simple, concise and easy to handle!

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◆Easy to use and manage

Easy to replace batteries and put pesticides in.

Easy to put it in the car trunk when it's props are folded.

Can save and load plans easily at home by APP.

Quad copter is more quiet and convenient.

◆Flexible Flight

Automatically change spraying nozzles by the direction.

Endure strong wind up to 10m/s.

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◆Strong Wireless Control

Connect to a smartphone by bluetooth.

Self flight control through 'K-DRONE APP'.

Provide 'Google Map'.

Extended the remote control distance up to 10km.

◆Smart Battery Charging System

The smart charger determines the condition of the battery.

Charge with a button without complexities.
Provide overcharge protection system.



Drones must be supported by various sensors and output devices in order to perform their mission while flying.

AMU performs various operations such as distance measurement, obstacle detection, external temperature measurement, etc., instead of performing various operations to be performed by the FC, and ferforms various computation processing and operation of the motor. 

The AMU we have developed is designed to enhance agricultural sensing processing and to perform tasks such as measuring the residual amount of pesticides and contrilling the injection quantity according to the speed.

In addition, it is designed to perform functions of smart farm such as warning measures according to farmful tide detection, greenhouse temperature and humidity control independently.

A drone that does not have a management unit to help FC can simply play a role other than a simple flying tool.


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